Horse jumping in a Merry Go Round Pen

Merry Go Round Pens

The Ultimate Covered Round Pen

Interior of the Merry Go Round Pen

Tim with a horse in a Merry Go Round Pen

     This twelve sided post and beam building is designed to capture the features of a New England seacoast's 1800's carousel. The structure and function provides the Northeast horseman with an opportunity to ride year round.

     A Merry Go Round Pen provides an affordable indoor riding structure that meets New England standards both structurally and aesthetically. Tim Harvey builds a unique, one of a kind structure.

     This unique riding pen is designed to provide the horseman a perfect environment for use as an equine classroom, playground, exercise space or pleasure riding arena.

     The post and beam frame and metal roof is engineered to withstand the rigorous northern seasons.

Custom Built Options/ Contact Tim or Trudy for pricing in your area. Prices quoted are average cost for buildings erected on a typical prepared site. We also offer options to fully enclose the arenas. Prices quoted upon request. Call us with any questions at 603-726-6050

The Standard Merry Go Round Pen is 62 feet in diameter.

The International is 70 feet in diameter.

Due to the recent tariffs and volatility of the materials market, we cannot post pricing at this time. Please contact us for current pricing by calling us at 603-726-6050 or emailing us at . We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that the market will stabilize soon.

To find out more about Merry Go Round Pens call Tim or Trudy at 603-726-6050